Goodbye to 80’s clubs in Bristol? and the demise of good music

Living in Bristol club life tends to be the normal mash-up of heavy base and ripping synthesizers with fast pace tempo. Other than that there are the odd rock themed clubs such as the beer Keller or upstairs in the 02. However good oldies are rare when it comes to 80’s music. There is currently only 1 80’s focused club called Reflex and aside from that Rewind in Walkabout upstairs or an expensive night in one of the rooms in Pryzm do play the classic song from time to time.

Being a big fan of the 80’s Reflex has been the best place to go to enjoy my favorite songs, however I have heard news that they are changing company and no longer going to be 80’s focused, which I can’t say I’m best pleased about. It’s like someone’s favorite football team disbanding or anything you may like no longer being there are prominent as you would like it to be.

The reasons for this change I can only assume are to try to move with “the times” but to be honest that’s a load of bull and kind of the point of having a place for the “non mainstream” where the good old classics are still played. that being said they did say that they will be playing all old cheese pop music so some 80’s may still be about but i cant see it being the same.

In my onion most new club songs have no style or even try to make a good beat or tune. Their sole aim is to thump out a fast pace noise that interacts with a drugged up or drunk mind to create some type of psychedelic effect. Some songs of which when played in a car or on a small stereo sound all tinny and what I can only describe as a cat being put through a vacuum cleaner.Now if there’s people out there that somehow like that sound or sounds like fire alarms going off or TV static with heavy base then fair enough but the fact that clubs focusing on older music are shutting down and trying to move on with the times is when it affects me.

The way I look at it is you have your noise in your clubs but when other companies like Reflex go I’m left with nowhere to enjoy. I could be wrong about their reasons but my point still stands that there’s far too many places playing the same drivel that I end up having to endure the sounds and come out with bleeding ears. Then when Reflex goes I will have to compromise and go to Rewind, but I question how long that will be about before they change to.

Please don’t come away from this if you like fast pace “Dub-step” or genera like that thinking that I’m having a personal pop at you. I’m just trying to say that it’s not my thing and the things that is what I like is being taken away.


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