Bradley Stoke Radio

Bradley Stoke radio is a community radio station playing a wide range of songs and different types of shows including information and events within Bradley stoke.

I have been doing my own 80’s show for some time now and thought I would say a little about it and the goings on as a radio presenter. I have a slot of 2 hours every Saturday at 3 pm till 5 pm with a  show called flashback in which I play all of the top 80’s songs with a few late 70’s early

13243971_10153956588855589_4932721245067282259_o90’s now and then.  I’d like to think I have a following of people who remember the 80’s and people just finding 80’s music now and enjoying it. I like to keep to short talk between tracks where i ever say the next track or have some type of cheesy joke to make. My themes consist of Rock followed by Reggie or disco/funk and then 80s pop / synth pop and finally I slow things down at the end with some classic ballads.

To produce a show for the 2 hour period is not very difficult at all as I have a copy of the free program Zara, which is for play out, and I add my tracks to it at home for each hour separately until I have 55 mins per hour as the extra 5 mins are willed with talk, adverts zaraand news. Once my songs are ready I simply take the files to the studio and upload them into the database and set up the program their end ready to play out when I go live. I simply just add my start jingle and intermittent jingles between the tracks and go over to studio 1 where I can load the program from the server.

Some people prefer to use a cd collection which is done on a double cd track player in which you can switch between cd 1 and 2 depending on which is playing. Also if you wish to go old school there is a record player setup or alternately you can bring your own DJ deck in and hook it up on another line. Once in the hot seat playing out live is not very difficult at all. They have a mixer deck which connects to several mics and the music inputs. All this is controlled by the slides and depending on how much you use you may find it’s a case of just 1 slide for your mic and one for the music or if

Bradley stoke radio you have guests then the slides for other mics will need to be adjusted. If anyone were to become a member it’s not too hard to pick up and all the necessary training is given.

Aside from going in and playing your own show BSR do a lot of outside work as well. Help run events to outside broadcast or doing interview with schools or community. Each of which can be done or helped by the volunteers even if they don’t have their own show slot.  I myself have done a few live events where

my show has gone out live, although there’s been a few hiccups with the internet speeds and streaming back to studio, it’s still good fun and there always seems to be a work around.It’s good practice for anyone wanting to get used to live events.

Overall volunteering at the radio show is a fun experience in which I get to play my own music in my own quirky way and work alongside a friendly helpful team who keep the inner essence of the station running alongside the help of all the other volunteers. If you’re interested from reading this in helping out check out Alternatively if you live good old 80’s music and are free of Saturdays then check out my show Flashback from 3 pm. on the site above or at 103.4

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