want to help?

its all been for the people. now do you want to help?

trying to raise money for all the work I’ve done to entertain any help would be great if you wish to help please contact me at mark_ponting@hotmail.co.uk




Live on FM BSR


today i will be Live with my show Flashback on Bradley stoke radio Fm at 103.4 or online at http://www.bradleystokeradio.org.uk/listenlive.html

so why not tune in and Flashback! to the past with me MadMark – taking a Radio DeLorean back to the 80s!

every sat 3pm till 5pm gmt



mad magic mark


Just in case you didn’t no i perform street magic (mainly card magic) If your lucky enough to see me for free on the streets and at illusions magic bar on the odd Wednesday night

If you would like to see me perform for an event you have planned then get hold of me


Grow light chilis

So i thought i would test my new grow light. i think its rather bright and i hope people don’t think i’m growing anything dodgy 


If you grow anything at all i would recommend this as its defiantly good enough for plants and covers a wide area    see more here: http://uk.hydro-pepper-growing.com/hydro-shop/grow-lights/ its my website and also has usa links if need be 

Top Cash Back

Online Cashback

So I found this site called top cash back where if you buy from merchants online such as amazon, play, Tesco direct etc etc then you can use this website to get a % of your money back.  I’ve made some great savings on my online shopping. There are no catches it’s free to join, and free to use. So, why don’t you join too

Flashback radio show

Flashback! with MadMark – taking a radio DeLorean back to the 80s!



So at Bradley stoke radio playing my 80s music on my own show slot called flashback which im at every Saturday 3pm till 5pm GMT 

If you like 80s music then feel free to give it a listen. If you like all other music then the station does play other stuff at other times.